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Note about Thor: This is what happens after every battle. Just with a lot more storytelling, yelling, drinking of mead, and eating of meat. Go Asgardian war Gods, hahah.

YES! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! <<< the last one is so mean though, especially since buck is afraid of highest <-- Oh my gosh! But what if none of the Avengers realized how scared he was of heights until this happened and Tony was taking a picture of it to post on the interwebs (after he stopped hitting himself) when he realized how legitimately terrified and upset Bucky is. Even after they get Magneto to let him go, it takes hours for Steve to get him to stop shaking. <<< that was funny until…

I love it. XD

I love it. XD

The Avengers....Tony Stark, Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. does whatever he wants.