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EXO-K. it's D.O time! I cheered when I read some K-Pop starlet's as well as other fem' fans state that our 22 yr' old D.O. is their idea hubby type. Finally! some major positive fan love! Now let me comment about his singing ability, D.O. is an incredible vocalist! He's become one of my favorite crooner's.....sigh..... and those eye's while he's singing it's as if, it comes from experience or something. but he's an Innocent D.O. right? "DoooBeeeDooobeeDoooo":)

~ exo exo k D.O. Kyungsoo yunieditdo

Kaisoo...get a room, ok no :/

|EXO| Chen... ok this is one of my favorite pictures of him wow

I think he just pulled off being creepy and squishy at the same time...