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Horned mask "giphogo", D. R. Congo, Pende

Africa | Mask from the Pende people of Congo | Wood and pigment || Sept. 2014 Catalogue

Horned mask "giphogo", D. R. Congo, Pende

Les secrets de l'initiation au musée Dapper

Pende, Democratic Republic of Congo, mask mbuya jia kifutshi Pumbu kind of wood, raffia, vegetable fibers, fragments of mirrors and pigments, 55 cm, Royal Museum of Central Tervuren (© Hughes Dubois / RMCA Tervuren) Africa.

Africa | Bembe people, DR Congo ~. Elanda mask | From the Elanda male association, most often have a rounded top and a flat bottom, with a spiritual, mysterious, but human face. Some with rounded faces are similar, but those with pointed beak-like chins and small tufts or horns represent bird or animal spirits. Several , like this one, have multiple sets of eyes. | © Tim Hamill

LUBA Sold for : 3 850 Euros le 28.10.2002

Horned mask "giphogo", D. R. Congo, Pende

Mask "karikpo" Nigeria, Ogoni

Pende Giwoyo Mask, DR Congo