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Viking 'Jellinge Style' Oval Tortoise Brooch Copper-alloy, 75 grams, 94.29 mm. 9th-10th century CE. Viking 'Jellinge Style' Oval Tortoise Brooch Copper-alloy, 75 grams, 94.29 mm. 9th-10th century AD. A small piercing on the flange allows a swag of beads to be attached to the rim. Reference: Nerman, B. Die Vendelzeit Gotlands, Stockholm, 1969 plate VII:5 item 271. Very fine condition. Provenance: from an old English collection.

Oval Brooches Based on Find from Snasen, Norway Openwork Design 8th - 10th Century 2" x 3"

Incredible detail...Gold brooch found in Denmark and dated to the year one thousand (National Historical Museum in Stockholm). By Mararie. (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The original of these oval brooches was found in Birka, Sweden, and date from late 8th to early 9th centuries, C.E.

Tombe féminine de Birka, Broche tortue modèle de base des tombes N°214, 539, 556, 599, 637, 645, 849, 857 ce modèle a été aussi retrouvé en Russie et en Irlande. Copie L'An Mil

Bronze oval brooch. Type: Rygh 650. Findspot: Gjerstad, Maele Farm, Norway (3 miles NE of Bergen). Date: 9th century CE. In the British Museum.

An oblong crystal found in the wreck of a 16th-century English warship is a sunstone, a near-mythical navigational aid said to have been used by Viking mariners

Viking 'Facing Masks and Figures' Tortoise Brooch Pair Copper-alloy, 58.57 grams, 92.14 mm; 60.26 mm, 93.34 mm. Circa 9th century AD. A matched pair of Viking period scaphoid domed brooches, the precursor to the more elaborate 'tortoise' brooches.

9th c. copper alloy oval brooch, pair to no 2: single shell construction; cast lattice-work frame decoration, bossed at intersections, containing Style III profile animal interlace; textile impressions on back from casting process; type as Rygh 650. From Bergen, Hordaland, Norway. Registration number: 1857,0713.1