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Japanese cute cartoon dinosaur sneaker from Fashion Kawaii [Japan & Korea]

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un fossile de serpent à quatre pattes 2Tout2Rien

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drawing dragon limbs

Ornimegalonyx, a giant terrestrial owl from the Late Pleistocene of Cuba (~10,000 BCE). Standing 1.1m tall (3′7″) and weighing around 9kg (20lbs), it had long legs and was probably a very strong runner – but it was also nearly flightless.


Dinosaurs crawled on all fours like toddlers before switching to two feet when they grew up, experts have discovered.

Incredible! #gecko #insect #rain

African Golden Cat - A poorly studied cat, and infrequently observed in the wild, The African Golden Cat is a medium-sized wild cat distributed over the rainforests of West and Central Africa. There are no confirmed sightings/records from The Gambia and Guinea Bissau, nor from Togo and Benin. Despite its name, its fur color is variable (golden-chestnut to dark slate-grey) and it can be either spotted or not. This small wild cat is listed as near threatened. (Photographer Terry Whittaker)