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'Oldest' message in a bottle found more than 108 years on

One of the bottles that was thrown into the sea between 1904 and 1906

The World's Oldest Human Poop May Have Been Discovered in Spain

La plus vieille crotte humaine en dit long sur le régime alimentaire de nos ancêtres

What's It Like to Fight in 15th Century Armor?: A Surprising Demonstration | Open Culture

12 oldest continuously inhabited cities

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Depuis cette nuit, la Terre vit sur ses réserves


Guggenheim Museum's 18-carat gold toilet to open to public


For centuries the only record humanity had of a boar's tusk helmet was a description in Homer's Iliad. Through the years scholars assumed that Homer had just made up some fantasy helmet that never existed. But then archaeologists began to find artistic representations of boar's tusk helmets and even the remains of the helmets themselves. They were real after all.

Historic Newspapers~ Newsbook dated 1693 -- An account of the Salem Witch Trials written by Increase Mather. On exhibit in the News Corporation News History Gallery at the Newseum. Newseum collection Photo credit: Newseum collection

All presidents bar one are directly descended from a medieval English king

Is ruling in the genes? All presidents bar one are directly descended from a medieval English king

52 Powerful Photos Of Women Who Changed History Forever