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Aztecs – Join the Empire

Isometric icons by Patswerk

Encres : Capoeira – 340 [ #capoeira #watercolor #illustration ] In 1500's the Portuguese arrived in Brazil . Soon they began to import slave labour from Africa. The widespread sugar and cotton plantations required vast amounts of manual labour . The Africans first arrived by the hundreds and later by the thousands ( approximately four million in total ).

The Battle of Adwa, in which Ethiopian forces under Emperor Menelik II united to defeat an invading force of Italian troops, was one of the most significant turning points in the history of modern Africa. It occurred, in 1896, when the “colonial era” was well advanced on the African continent, and it served notice that Africa was not just there “for the taking” by European powers.

The Samurai of Feudal Japan

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Sarah Mayer, First Non-Japanese Female Judo Black Belt. 1935 www.facebook.com/McDojoLife

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