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Pianelle in International Shoe Museum

1580's Venetian Gown on

Fresco. Pompeian girl in a rondel, before 79AD. From a cubiculum in the House of the Golden Cupids, Pompeii. Emplacement: CASA AMORINI DORATI, POMPEII, ITALIA

This shoe was recovered from the Rose Theatre site on the Bankside of the Thames in the late 1980’s by Museum of London Archaeology and is believed to have been worn during performances undertaken on this famous 16 th century theatrical stage.

14th century shoe from Holland. Dordrecht colection.

14th century shoe with leaf pattern. Museum of London.

A lady's shoe (Cl. 10402), late 16th century

Object number: 20038517 Object name: sandale Inventory number: 1825 Institution place: Bruxelles[localité] Institution: Musées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire Creator: inconnu (cordonnier) Provenance: ancienne abbaye[Stavelot]; Stavelot Material: cuir, soie Technique: assemblé, brodé Place of production: Italia Date of production : 1101 - 1200 dimensions: hauteur: 13 cm largeur: 30 cm Description: Catalogue d'exposition n°63 (1965) Catalogue d'exposition n°155 (1964)

Hair net found in well on Prague Castle, before 1570, Story of Prague Castle

16th Century British Shoe