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#Binge Eating Disorder is treatable in natural ways,

This is a bit too serious but I need it

Weight loss doesn't mean you become happy-It doesn't mean you become better than other people-It doesn't mean you are admired by others, or that other people want to be like you-If a serious life threatening illness like an eating disorder did not involve weight loss, would things like Pro-Ana even exist? -Do people even care about those actually struggling with eating disorders? You shouldn't be interested in a mental illness just because you want to be skinny-it is crazy to admire this…

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"Your diet tips = My eating disorder STOP #thinspo #pinterest #antithinspo" AMEN, screw all the dumb people that post thinspo and think it's a great lifestyle... Only an idiot would wish for this lifestyle...

Instagram se mobilise contre l'anorexie

Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.

i don't eat that — I can, but I don't (not a restriction — a choice) via @Alex Tries it Out

Damn you, diet! Damn you! And you're stupid gummy bears/cheesecake/sea-salt n vinegar chips/cupcakes/alcohol too!!!

Anorexia Problems: You don't know what starving feels like, if you've never suffered with something like Anorexia Nervosa Some people just develop it-It's not a choice and people try to help they say 'just eat healthy!' no because even healthy foods have calories and fat, its not that easy to stop.