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What is energy medicine?

What is energy medicine? Acupuncture, qi, chakras and reiki draw on the same principle of an energy force in us all. #health #medicine

"Yo respiraré / Yo pensaré en soluciones / Yo no dejaré que mi angustia me controle / Yo no dejaré que mi stress me quiebre / Yo seré simple, respiraré / Y estaré bien / Porque yo no abandonaré" / Shayne McClendon / The Good Girl

Energy Medicine -

Your vibration is your personal energy frequency. It is a culmination of every life you have ever lived, every thought you have ever had and every action you have ever performed. It is the energy that surrounds and permeates every cell in your body. Your vibration is your divine signature, your soul essence, and it is special only to you. Just as there are no two snowflakes alike, no two souls in the entire universe have the same name or "soul signature." ..*