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the less you give a damn, the happier you'll be. #quotes #life #leadership

What are you doing with your life?

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Yes dear. And you wonder why I ignore your calls, emails and texts. I don't need to hear about all your negativity and try to keep a straight face and tell you it's not your own damn fault.

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Do your own thing

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If YOU, Treasure do not push yourself for better, NO!! one will, they will watch you fall and laugh and trip you as you try to get back up. Your a M-Y-L-E-S, you can get up with grace and brush yourself and stand UP with diginty and move forward!!

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Really it means we are good people. @valérie heinrich-spindlerérie heinrich-spindlerérie heinrich-spindler Phifer Lorraine Dattan

Deux choses vous définissent. Votre patience quand vous n'avez rien et votre attitude quand vous avez tout !

“Vanity is my favourite sin.” - Al Pacino