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Inferno, 6e kring, Canto X, het grafveld met met brandende open graven, waarin ketter liggen. Epicurus (341 v.Chr. - 270 v.Chr.) was een Grieks filosoof. Waar het om gaat in de filosofie is het persoonlijk geluk, volgens Epicurus het hoogste goed in het menselijk leven. Bekijk de originele afbeelding

Pythagoras – Greek philosopher

collective-history:"Physician treating a patient. Red-figure Attic aryballos. Courtesy of the Louvre Museum The first known Greek medical school opened in Cnidus in 700 BC. Alcmaeon, author of the first anatomical work, worked at this school, and it was here that the practice of observing patients was established. Ancient Greek medicine revolved around the theory of humours."

Heraclitus (with the face and in the style of Michelangelo) sits apart from the other philosophers in Raphael's 'School of Athens.'

Stoic is one of the two philosophy schools in the Hellenistic Age that really stand out. I chose a sculpture of Zeno because he founded this school. Stoics looked for a divine law and order, which is practically the opposite of Epicureans. Zeno in a way started this way of thought and it became part of how the world viewed the Greeks in the Hellenistic Age.

Hendrick Goltzius, “The Descent to Hell of the Damned” (1577), engraving

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