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Tall blazingstar, rough blazingstar, button blazingstar, tall gayfeather, rough gayfeather (Liatris aspera) Native plant hardy to -40°F; dry to medium soils, in full sun to some shade. Grows 2 to 4' tall and 1' to 2' wide. Blooms in late summer to mid-fall. A favorite of butterflies, bees and other long-tongued pollinators.

Le jardinet SaveEmail Botanical name: Acer griseum Common name: Paperbark maple Where it will grow: Hardy to -30 degrees Fahrenheit (zones 4 to 8) Water requirement: Low once established Light requirement: Full sun or partial shade Mature size: 18 feet tall and up to 15 feet wide Seasonal interest: Year-round When to plant: Plant it in well-drained soil in spring or fall.

Molinia caerulea subsp. arundinacea 'Transparent'

Sweet broom - blooms late winter to early spring, up to 6 feet tall, full sun to light shade, perennial

Peonies are a perennial that can be grown in sun and part sun in zones 3-8 The plant grows to 2 to 3-1/2 feet tall and 2 to 3-1/2 feet wide and bloom mid to late spring, depending on variety and can be used in containers, beds and borders. The plant produces fragrant attractive flowers and foliage and be used for cut flowers. The plant is easy to grow and are deer resistant.

Lady Banks Rose (climber w/support), thornless green canes, short bloom season, but what a spectacle when it's in "cascade-mode." Garden of Matin Lumineux.

Columbine or aquilegia is a herbaceous perennial that is drought tolerant (once established) and self-seeds if not deadheaded. The plant grows to 2' tall when in bloom and blooms late spring-early summer. Flowers come in a variety of colors. Grow in part shade. Best in rock and woodland gardens and as edging plants. Zones 3-9

2 Columbine 2 Butterflyweed 2 Sky Blue Aster 2 Smooth Aster 2 Pale Purple Coneflower 2 Purple Coneflower 2 Joe Pye Weed 2 Meadow Blazingstar 2 Prairie Blazingstar 2 Bergamot 2 Black-eyed Susan 2 Stiff Goldenrod 2 Showy Goldenrod 3 Little Bluestem 3 Prairie Dropseed