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Kimmidoll™ Hasumi - 'Graceful' - "My spirit is poised and dignified. By approaching life with dignity and poise you reveal my spirit. May your graceful ways bring a sense of calm serenity to even the most challenging circumstances."

Kimmidoll™ Airi - 'Adored' - "My spirit is cherished and loved. Your presence fills with joy the hearts of those who love you, bringing smiles, laughter and tears of happiness. May your life always be cradled in the affectionate embrace of those who truly cherish you."

Moi c'est Miwako. J'incarne la paix et la prospérité. Tu fais grandir mon esprit en utilisant tout tes talents. Puissent tes efforts apporter harmonie et prospérité pour offrir à chacun la chance d'être heureux.

Kimmidoll Seiko representing the success.

Kimmidoll™ Mizuki - 'Precious' - "My spirit values and brings prosperity. By valuing and cherishing all that is precious in your life, you honour my spirit. May the power of my spirit bring prosperity to all areas of your life."

Kimmidoll™ Tamaki - 'Treasured' - "My spirit is cherished and loved. By embracing all that makes you uniquely who you are, you allow my spirit to shine. May all those who love you celebrate and cherish all the special qualities and unique charms that give life to your treasured spirit."

Kimmidoll™ Yumiko - 'Compassion' - "My spirit is genuine and caring. The deep empathy and sincere kindness you show toward others reveals the gift of my spirit. May your compassionate nature bring strength and comfort to everyone you help along the way."

Kimmidoll™ Koko - 'Devotion' - "My spirit is passionate and unwavering. The enthusiasm and dedication you show in the pursuit of your goals and ideals, allows my spirit to grow. In the face of challenge and setback may you find strength and resilience in your devotion. "

Kimmidoll™ Miyuki - 'Peaceful' - "My spirit brings harmony and happiness. By emulating my spirit in all that you do and say, you release my power. Your peaceful approach to life will help to bring harmony and happiness to the world."

✿ Kimmidoll Illustration ~ "Chou" 'Butterfly' ✿ "My spirit brings beauty and inspires wonder. By nurturing a sense of wonder, you release my spirit. Explore the world with all your senses and immerse yourself fully in the beauty and mystery of life."

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