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6000 year old artifact from Jiroft civilization that depicts two cheetahs surrounding a man in priest dress with bull horns, National Museum

Jiroft,Iran .Chlorite cup 3 th millenium B.C.

Tepe Sialk III Calice à décor animalier et géométrique : frise de léopards, lignes parallèles et lignes brisées Début du IVe millénaire avant J.-C., période III, niveau 6 Colline sud Terre cuite peinte

Vase, civilisation transélamite, Iran, région sud-est - Proche-Orient au IIIe millénaire avant J.-C. - Les Musées Barbier-Mueller

5,000 yr-old Jiroft Board Games - World’s Oldest Backgammons! قدیمی ترین تخته نرد های جهان در جیرفت As archaeologist and expert of Louvre Museum Jean Perrot noted in the Persian Journal article, the lay-out of the "holes" on the "eagle" boards discovered in Jiroft, Kerman - IRAN is highly suggestive of the twenty squares game boards excavated by Woolley in Sumer, the so-called "Royal Game of Ur."...

Grand vase à panse ovoïde - Bactriane | Site officiel du musée du Louvre

Iran,Jiroft civilization, cylindrical scorpian vase, circa 3000 BC . By Virtual Museum of Iran Art page on Facebook. IranologySociety.

A rare stemmed glass Goblet. Persia or Syria, 10th - 13th Centuries

Early Iranian Chlorite Vase with Shell and Turquoise Inlay by Ancient Art, via Flickr