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The Wives of Roger II. Liber ad honorem Augusti by Pietro da Eboli, Sicily, c.1197
"Roger by grace of God King of Sicily, Duke of Apulia, and Prince of Capua" (Rota on Charter, 1140 A.D.)
Frédéric de Hohenstaufen 1194 - 1250 (Frédéric II, en tant qu'empereur des Romains). Il entreprend la 6e croisade en 1228-1229. Combattant peu, il obtient par la diplomatie la restitution de Bethléem, Nazareth et Jérusalem. Mais en Occident, son succès dû à la négociation avec les infidèles scandalise.
Liber ad honorem Augusti by Pietro da Eboli, c.1197  Folio 98r. Mourning in Palermo for William II of Sicily  Lutto nei quartieri di Palermo per la morte di Guglielmo II. the smaller image of folio 98r
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Liber ad honorem Augusti by Pietro da Eboli, c.1197  Heinrich von Kalden, from folio 147r  Henry of Kalden or Henry Testa of Bappenheim was a ministerialis in the service of the German kings Henry VI, Philip, Otto IV, and Frederick II.  He served Henry as marshal while the latter was yet just King of the Romans in his campaign of 1189–1190 to capture the Sicilian kingdom as his right by marriage to Constance. Henry of Kalden invaded the Abruzzi, sacking Amiterno and Chieti before joining up…
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