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puma punku | puma punku paintings

UFO und Alien – Sichtungen erst seit Roswell,Kino und Videokamera ?

Cave painting, Italy

Mammouth - Grotte de Rouffignac

The above image is entitled "The Assumption of the Virgin" by ANON. Painted c.1490. Once again notice the discoidal clouds.

Cave painting found in Italy that is said to depict ancient astronauts

puma punku ancient aliens

Aboriginal rock - Bing Images

Estas pinturas parecen sugerir primeros encuentros con seres desconocidos y, tal vez, #extraterrestres.

From Lepenski Vir, in Serbia. 6000-5000 BC. Video on web site.

puma punku | Puma Punku is placed about 13,300 feet (4000 meters) over sea level ...