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Hetalia Fan Problem #17When none of your friends like Hetalia so you have no one to fangirl with. [ Submitted by najikasun. :3]

Hetalia Fan Problems #6Giggling every time you hear “____ invades ____” in history class. [ Submitted by msnatty. :3 ]

Cool nice image of a rebel traveling girl with blonde hair and cap

Hetalia Fan Problem #47Saying the countries’ names in Japanese in non-Hetalia conversation. [ Submitted by anonymous. :3 ]

Hetalia Fan Problem #52Startling your family with your fangirling over the Parade of Nations. Sorry it’s so poorly worded but I really need sleep.

Hetalia Fan Problem #59Trying to memorise every single flag you can find. [ Submitted by anonymous. :3 ]

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D'aaaaaaww =3 #hetalia #britain (