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Speed Drawing Aoba Seragaki from Dramatical Murder (Dmmd) - YouTube

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Goodie Aoba Seragaki - Max Factory

DRAMAtical Murder Aoba Figure by Max Factory 1

Dramatical Murder - Koujaku!!! (I love him Xd)

/DRAMAtical Murder/#1582934 - Zerochan (Aoba from DMMD)

((OPEN RP!!)) I scroll threw Pinterest bored as heck. I sigh. Suddenly a boy pops out of computer I scream. He looks at me. "Oh crap!" He tries to go back into my computer. "Who are you?" I look at him 'whoa, he's kinda cute.' ((I'm the boy. Be someone?))

ADOPTED Scrap was a failed science experiment. He was scheduled to be given a lethal injection, but he escaped the day before. He's now a parkour legend, but the after effects of the testing are still unknown.