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Folds developed in the crust of the lava lake at Erta Ale

The Siberian Traps form a large region of volcanic rock, known as a large igneous province, in the Russian region of Siberia. The massive eruptive event which formed the traps, one of the largest known volcanic events of the last 500 million years of Earth's geological history, continued for a million years and spanned the Permian–Triassic boundary, about 251 to 250 million years ago. Vast volumes of basaltic lava paved over a large expanse of primeval Siberia in a flood basalt event..

Cave of Crystals, Rio Tranquilo, Mexico

In northwestern Saudi Arabia, east of the Red Sea port city of Umm Lajj, lies a field of volcanic lava. Known as Harratt Lunayyir, the lava field contains some 50 cones from volcanic activity in the past 10,000 years (the Holocene Epoch). Although one of the volcanic cones may have erupted as recently as the tenth century AD, scientists long believed the region to be geologically quiet. A seismic swarm in 2009 suggested otherwise.

Basaltic columns which characterise the coast — at Acitrezza, Sicily

Classic textbook normal fault - with typical posing geologist

.. Llaima volcano, Chile. Ismael Cañete ..

Lewisian Gneiss Rock, Isle of Lewis -the Geology of the Outer Hebrides is important - as the predominant rock type is a Lewisian Gneiss - a metamorphic rock which is astonishingly up to 3 billion years old, making it the oldest rock in Britain - two thirds the age of the Earth.

Moqui Marbles, naturally occurring iron oxide concretions that arise from navajo sandstone. Very prevalent in the Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument

UK: Many of the hills of the Lake District are the product of volcanic activity over Ma of years. The Langdale area & the Scafell massif in particular are rich in evidence of this violent past. This image was taken near the summit of Bowfell & shows layers of volcanic ash that have solidified and been folded under enormous pressure. Mid to late Ordovician age comprising the lavas & tuffs of the Borrowdale Volcanic Group