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Tonks Tiger Lilly, an Appaloosa mare. The coloration is especially nice. The pattern might be something like roan but what's the base color? Sire seems to be black, dam is said to be a dun so Tonks Tiger Lilly could be a grulla.

2013 Foals (Avalon Appaloosas) Tonks Tiger Lily & her colt Smoke

Photo cheval : Brindle Horse

Pure-bred Arabian stallion, homozygous black, Ka Noon. A foundation stallion of the breeding program to bring colorful Arabians into European sport horse competition. His black phenotype isn't what matters to produce desired colors in offspring. It's genotype. And Ka Noon can produce many colors except red.

"Gay Bars Silver" - champion reiner sooty palomino blanket appaloosa - photo by TOP Appaloosas

Domaine du Vallon. Hollywood Dolby

A fine example of a snowcap appaloosa horse, showing a crisp white cap that stands for homozygosity. Note how the edges of the snowcap are 'frosted', giving the horse a brushpainted look.