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Aubretia 'Purple Cascade' in various shades of purple - hardy, low spreading, blooms April to June, full sun, semi-evergreen, prune to keep from getting leggy

Aubrieta - low, spreading plant, hardy, evergreen and perennial, with small violet, pink or white flowers, and inhabits rocks and banks. It prefers light, well-drained soil, is tolerant of a wide pH range, and can grow in partial shade or full sun.

Agapathus ~ one of my favorites in the garden

Growing Lupine

A spring-time favorite, growing lupine (Lupinus polyphyllus) provides flower gardeners with a brilliant array of colors. Plants have stiff, erect flower spikes of 1-4 feet that emerge from horizontal foliage.

D. deltoides 'Tiny Rubies' is a perfect plant for the rock garden or even containers