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“And I decided to go round the world on freedom’s bicycle by ways illegal as the travels of wind. When asked for my address, I give the address of all sidewalks I chose as permanent residence. When asked for my papers, I show them your eyes. And am allowed to pass for they know that travel in the cities of your eyes, my dear, is the right of all world citizens.” -Nizar Qabbani.

Translation: It’s the same rain you loved, that drowned you.

Nos citations qui inspirent et amènent à réfléchir.

Be bueatiful .. U'll see how beautiful the universe is ..# Arabic poetry

Nizar :) "My ambition is to walk for hours with you under the rain. - Le Joli Rendez-Vous

Be who you are wherever you are; and carry the burden of your heart by yourself -Mahmoud Darwiche