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Bêtisiers de Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope - #W3SH

Julian Opie This is Monique 4

The science of criminal profiling is at the heart of the cat-and-mouse thriller Silence of the Lambs. Criminal profiling is a common theme in Hollywood thrillers, but in the case of one gruesome murder in 1979, this was a new science that the FBI was just beginning to develop. Watch The Real Story:

Damien Hirst in Life in Five Seconds by H-57

Was one piece of silverware the ticket to freedom for prisoners of Alcatraz? Find out, Watch "The Real Story - Digging out of Alcatraz"

On the run from Treadstone's attackers, Jason Bourne seems to be preternaturally proficient in all manner of weaponry. The Real Story shows you why that's not so far fetched:

50 photos dans les coulisses de STAR WARS que personne n'a jamais vues ! On aurait aimé y être...

Déjà qu’avec son frangin la princesse nous avait mis le doute mais quand on s’en prend à Chewbacca ou on peut se poser des questions. Les mots n’ont aucun poids ici, donc place aux choc des photos. All images (c) Lucasfilm Sur le même thème

"Oh gravity, thou art a heartless bitch" So true Sheldon. So true.