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The Courtyard of Hell - Godlike - Sphärenmeisters Spiele

Inn Generator "Can’t think of the inn’s name off the top of your head? How about the name of the barkeep, the menu, or the prices? Who’s currently present? What conversations can be overheard? What’s the general mood, and why?"

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Imperial Palace (皇居)

Edo Castle ~1867 Tokyo Japan 江戸城

Fragged Empire has a fantastic system and setting which rises above the traditional ‘limits’ seen around independent role playing games, going for a more traditional “big book” feel. Contained within is enough fodder, story hooks, and mechanics to keep storyteller players and mechanics lawyers alike happy with the same campaign for several years. Game Masters are given a wealth of information to draw from, and enough breathing space in the setting for them to fill in whatever they want…

【冰偌收集】PNG古风男素材 - 冰偌 ...