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This little wool cat was made by my Mum Primmy and she has hand embroidered his face and the words"Le Chat"I have now stitched in to the paws with fine running stitches and added the detail to the back and our namesThis little wool cat has a large and strong safety pin to the backWear on your jacket,cardigan or pin on a cushion as display on a favourite chair or sofa in your home

Je trouve enfin un tout petit moment pour vous glisser un retour du dernier atelier de mercredi dernier... Au programme : petit lustre mural avec pampilles cristales et anciennes. Au final: Un joli moment une fois de plus et de très beaux résultats! Je...


Wearable Objects - Jessie Chorley

Fauvette 65E felt and bead embroidery brooch. Make it a little bigger and turn it into a little purse.

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