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Cybertherapy "information about the use of advanced technologies - virtual reality, mixed reality, interreality, ambient intelligence - in health care. The site is aimed at a scholarly audience interested in the effects, efficacy and general influence deriving from the application of these technologies in medicine and in psychology, with respect to public health including financial and usability aspects."

Stroke Occupational Therapy Upper Extremity Weight Bearing During Bedside ADLs

Jiri Kolar - Collage, Mademoiselle Rivière. Peinture de Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (1805), 1981

à partir de TBI Rehabilitation

[WEB SITE] Can virtual reality help stroke patients recover arm movement?

Virtual reality arm

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JR, l'artiste français le plus tendance

JR artiste photo art

Stroke Help-Therapeutic Benefits of Forward Flexion Pinned by SOS Inc. Resources

awesome website for exercise prescription for SCI, TBI, CVA

Virtual Reality Lab Makes Physical Therapy Interactive

Mirror Therapy for Individuals with hemiplegia after CVA or Stoke. The individuals moves their unaffected hand but they SEE both hands moving! This causes activity in the motor areas of the affected side of the brain.