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Sherlock would sleep in Mycroft's bed if he had a bad dream and if Sherlock was there, so was Redbeard (from tumblr)

Voilà pourquoi ils se tenaient la main c'est pour prévenir ce genre de choses !

Awwwwwwwwwww! I would say this is Mycroft but he seems too much older than Sherlock here.

against-stars: (“Mycroft, I wanna bee.”“You want to be what?”“No! I wanna bee!”“You can’t have just one bee, Sherlock.”“Why?”“They come in colonies.”“Why?”“Because they live in hives.”“I wanna bee colonies.”“When you get bigger you can have all the beehives you want. But first we have to get you washed before Mummy sees you and I get into trouble.”“Buzz, buzz, buzz…”) I imagine Sherlock has always been a tiny disaster. (now available as a print)

à partir de Critictoo (Séries)

Sherlock à l'époque victorienne, la preuve avec Benedict Cumberbatch et Martin Freeman en costume - Critictoo Séries TV

Sherlock et Watson de BBC One

tumblr im sorry but i really like this au fic okay even though ive never read any pern novels its just really cute okay also my obsession with monster hunter armors crept in and made me spend way too much time drawing this

Love the Sherlock show so much and I love this too! <3