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I'm really liking the blue on Vegeta, but I wish that it was only for him and not for Goku, too. Oh, well. Thanks, Toriyama.

Freezer regreso en la tierra... Y vino Trucks para a ayudarle y lo matan a Frezar y sus tripulares. Por finalmente vino a Goku para hablarte a Trunks de sus problemas malvados Androides.

Dragonball Z-The Cell Saga. #QuotedBySonGokuKakarot

krilin Dragon Ball Z 2015

dragon ball lunch | Officiel] Dragon Ball, DBZ, DBGT (Urk), DB Kai ( Urk !) et webcomics

Dragonball z - the worlds beat anime!!! <--- Actually, I can't decide which anime I love the most.