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Initial F: Free Speech Therapy Articulation Picture Cards

Encore une idée trouvée sur Pinterest!    L'idée, remplir une forme de lettre avec des mots-images dans lesquels on entend le son principal de la lettre.  Il suffit ensuite de découper en...

Speech therapy activities for your entire first few weeks!

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10 CREATIVE ways to use Mason Jars in Speech Therapy!

Great owl templates

FREE! Speech Therapy: Word & Sentence Level Articulation Screener from Shanda from Shanda on (5 pages) - What you will get with this download is our two page quick print articulation screener. It screens 52 sounds at the word and sentence level! Yes, sentence level too!

(Sense of touch) put different objects in balloons and have the children guess what each one is. Then, open them up to see what it is. (Tie with elastics so it is easier to open.) To further the lesson, make a chart of prediction and result.

Top 10 Red Flags For Language Delays - Sweet Southern Speech

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