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carouselcycles: So @fahye wrote the most amazing Pride & Prejudice AU, and all I can think about is Damen as Mr. Darcy in the iconic COLIN FIRTH IN WET SHIRT scene from the BBC mini series. So I drew it and for some reason I decided to paint it. Never again. bonus:

"You returned as a King" Nikandros / Damianos (Captive Prince)

🍭Candy Cane on

we're having too much fun with these @carouselcycles

#Damen and #Laurent : A kingdom and this

Damen in a bottle

Captive Prince. Source:

Laurent and Damen - Prince's Gambit / Green but for a season scene

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okay but gentleman thief laurent stealing his way into superhero damen's heart, y/n???? #captiveprince

Laurent kissing Damen - In hindsight i should’ve made him look more like wall tapestry but at least my blog has Damen in velvet Veretian clothes now