From the top down: 1. A pearl and diamond tiara/ bracelet /brooch combination. (Bonhams) 2. An Elegant Art Deco Diamond Tiara by Monture Boucheron, Circa 1937. 3. AN ANTIQUE DIAMOND TIARA (Photo Christie's) 4. Chaumet Diamond Tiara, 19th Century. 5. Belle Epoque old-cut diamond tiara. 6. Belle Epoque Sapphire And Diamond Tiara.

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Diamond tiara, decorated with 12 carnations, foliage and flower buds with openwork, 14 large old cut diamonds, made by Joseph Chaumet, circa 1908, weight: 155 g

offrez moi la première je vous jure fidélité et amour pour l'éternité

offrez moi la première je vous jure fidélité et amour pour l'éternité

Reinterpretation of the Chaumet stalactite diadem, created in 1904 for the Marquis of Lubersac. Biennale des Antiquaires

A BELLE ÉPOQUE SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND TIARA. Centring upon a collet-set cabochon sapphire in a rose and old-cut diamond scrolling frame, extending tapered openwork diamond-set branches, circa 1910

Monaco, From Tiara to Necklace - see the video of the tiara's construction to see the colour of the sapphires

Belle Epoque diamond tiara/necklace, late 19th century Mary, Duchess of Roxburghe. Tiara detaches to form and necklace (shown) and a bandeau.

A BELLE EPOQUE, CULTURED PEARL, DIAMOND, PLATINUM AND GOLD PENDENT, CIRCA 1910. Designed as bow, garland, wreath, set with old cut diamonds, centre a cushion cut diamond, cultured pearl, in yellow gold, pearl 10mm, height 8.7 cm, weight 24.4 g More

Marquis of Anglesey diamond tiara (1959 Christie's & DeBeers "Ageless Diamond" exhibit). On the hunt for color / higher quality images, this is an interesting tiara.

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