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malformalady: Model of adult skull, illustrating deformities, England, 1962. Back row - left to right: Model of front part of adult skull, illustrating gross overdevelopment of mandible, cleft palate, hare lip and lack of maxillary development, showing effect on dentition, Model of front part of adult skull illustrating overdevleopment of one side of mandible resulting in cross bite, Model of front part of adult skull, illustrating overdevelopment of mandible. Front row: Two models of…

Child's skull with baby teeth and adult teeth.

deformed skull

Human temporal bone, child’s mandible with impacted tooth and other randomness at Wunderkammer Curiosity Shoppe

Such a great skull!!!

Two Faced skull. This looks fully adult with adult dentition. That means this person survived, possibly past 18 years of age.



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