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Ever dream of riding a magical white horse into the sunset? Swedish folklore photographer Vilja Lingonren.

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Jeanne d'Arc


I would be overjoyed if I had a girl with this hair, this dress, this horse, and these woods as subjects to photograph.

How awesome is this horse what a blast this beauty must be to ride!

If and when I ever barrel race, I'll paint his face like this!

novemberkind: Die Sterntaler (2011), Märchen nach den Gebrüdern Grimm As they showed this fairytale movie on tv by the Grimm Brothers today, I just again like always fell in love with the clothing of the common folk in those films. The rustic fabric and the darker colors, together with the endless layering. I would wear it just like that. Actually I never post pictures I haven’t made myself on here, but I also saw a bit of myself in it I have to say.

How do I STILL lack a black horse to do this? How!?!? We had 12 at one point( black mini doesn't count) and still no black horse lol