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"How To Talk On The Telephone"

"The Telephone and How We Use It" A REAL guide from the Bell Telephone Company, 1951.

Bell’s "What will the telephone be like when I grow up?" (1953) (Beyond your wildest dreams)

By the 1820s morphine was a popular anodyne, or soother. Morphine was also, however, a prime method of Victorian suicide. Morphine was six times as potent as opium. It was commercially available, and many upper and middle class patients purchased morphine from doctors and injected themselves daily with newly developed needles. This 'morphinism' was unbounded by legal or social guidelines, and many morphine addicts were unaware of their addiction.

bledine ours blanc by pilllpat (agence eureka), via Flickr

Vikings Infographic. I'm a little wary of posting an infographic from the History Channel, notorious for rarely doing its history homework, not to mention all its ancient alien programming posing as real science, and they should have done spellcheck first, but...