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Top 80 des pires photos de famille de Noël, joyeux malaise à tous

Le réveillon de noël arrive, et qu'est-ce qu'on en retiendra encore cette année ? Des jolis cadeaux, des moins beaux à revendre, un peu trop de foie gras, des

The 49 Most WTF Pictures Of People Posing With Animals

The 49 Most WTF Pictures Of People Posing With Animals! #43 had me crying I was laughing so hard!

Imprimé Vintage Animal 5 x 7 - anthropomorphe - modifié Photo - Lions, tigres, et ours, le magicien d’Oz, Collage Art, drôle imprimé Animal - Art

...the zoo escapees had hoped that they could blend in with society and never be found. Why any of them listened to that DAMN monkey about fashion for the year 2012, they'll never know. Who listens to a monkey anyhow? The End

When Timmy got his ventriloquist doll Tommy, even the toughest kid in town was freaked out. From that day on no one messed with, called or talked to Timmy and Tommy. But boy could he put on a show. The End

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Two words for this style: White Trash

50 People You Wish You Knew In Real Life