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Martin Hill and Philippa Jones: “We are fragile, but also extremely dangerous: for us and for those around us”

The work of Andy Goldsworthy.

"Wild Idea", ou les créations de land art de l'artiste français Ludovic Fesson, qui utilise les matériaux ramassés sur place pour imaginer des structures g

Although most of America (currently enduring one of the worst winter cold snaps in nearly two decades) would like to ignore this fact in for favor of bundled layers and heated blankets, sometimes even the dire cold, snow and ice can provide the tools and inspiration for those who brave it'

Une sélections des œuvres d’Andy Goldsworthy, un des pionniers du Land Art, photographiées en Grande-Bretagne entre 1983 et 1986. ...Savoir plus

Land art in the City by Eudald Alabau Selva

andy goldsworthy How wonderful- the reflection leading out beyond the land.

Kishio Suga - Google Search


Horse Chestnut Leaves, Loughborough, Leicestershire, England (September 22, 1986) by Andy Goldsworthy

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