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Finnish soldier on skis in 1941.

Finnish soldiers walked along the railroad tracks that looks like Salla direction railroad, the only one railroad track in Lapland at the time. The railroad that goes from Kemi-Rovaniemi-Kemijärvi-Salla

Daguerreotype soldier, 1850

Nearly 800 Native American women served in the military during World War II. Elva (Tapedo) Wale, a Kiowa, left her Oklahoma reservation to join theWomen's Army Corps. Private Tapedo became an "Air WAC," and worked on Army Air Bases across the United States. Corporal Bernice (Firstshoot) Bailey of Lodge Pole, Montana, joined the Women's Army Corps in 1945 and served until 1948. After the war, she was sent to Wiesbaden, Germany, as part of the Army of Occupation.

Finnish soldiers in winter camouflage have captured Soviet 7.62-mm aircraft gun YES-2

Part I. Major General Orde C. Wingate (1903 - 1944) He was an advocate of irregular warfare; commander of guerilla forced in Palestine, leading Jewish underground forces against Arab bands. In 1941, in the Sudan, he aided Ethiopian guerillas against Italian forces. Posted to India at the beginning of Japan's China-Burma Campaign, he organized the Chindits, a mixed force of Ghurkas, Burmese, and Brits, launching raids behind Japanese lines in early 1943.

German paratroopers, Crete, 1941

El " Goliat " . Era un vehículo de demolición de ingeniería alemana con mando a distancia. Empleado por la Wehrmacht durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial este vehículo oruga lleva 75 a 100 kilogramos ( 170-220 libras ) de explosivos de gran potencia y fue destinado a ser utilizado para múltiples fines, tales como la destrucción de tanques, lo que altera densas formaciones de infantería , y la demolición de edificios y puentes. foto 1944