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Member of the Croatian 7th Brigade “Puma” with his G3 automatic rifle during Operation Storm, 1995.

USS Missouri fires at Iraqi targets stationed along the Kuwaiti coast Operation Desert Storm.

Marines pushed into Iraq as part of Operation Desert Storm. Marines accomplished a wide range of missions and with precise air operations, tenacious amphibious assaults, and versatile land tactics, the Marines led one of the most successful assaults in modern warfare.

An Iraqi mine floats in the waters of the gulf. Over 1,275 such mines have been discovered in the gulf during Operation Desert Storm

Gulf War Damage - Kuwaiti oil fires ignited by Iraqi troops darken the sky, blocking out the sun

Serbian "Chetnik", with Yugoslavian model 59/66 carbine; a modified copy of the Russian SKS.

Romanian soldiers, their communist insignia removed, take aim with their PSL rifles during the 1989 Romanian Revolution.

A U.S. Navy SEAL checks out his M14 7.62mmx51mm rifle. Note the customized fore grip fitted to the weapon. This photo was taken in Feb 1991. During this period SEAL Team 8 carried out a series of ship boarding operations to enforce UN sanctions against Iraq during Operation Desert Storm. DoD photo by : PH2 USNR-R MILTON SAVAGE

Indian soldiers patrolling the Siachen Glacier; an area that borders India and Pakistan. Note the INSAS rifle.

Croatian troops on a M84 MBT, Operation "Tempest" (08/1995).