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Suit, French, 1765-75. The distinctive buttons on this 18th-century suit characterize the flamboyance with which French men dressed to match the opulence of their female counterparts. The liberally applied buttons would have been a lively pink color and glittering in candlelight next to the elegant textile and salmon-colored lining.

Man's Suit France, circa 1760 Costumes; principal attire (entire body) Coat and waistcoat: wool plain weave, full finish, with sequins and m...

MUSEE des Arts Décoratifs- Diaporama - Habit à la française, habit, justaucorps et culotte, France, vers 1760

Man's Suit Probably England, circa 1780 Costumes Wool broadcloth plain weave with polychrome silk embroidery

Devant de veste d'habit, Spitafields, vers 1747-1748.

Frockcoat (back view) embroidered skirt detail, 1760-1770, from Gentleman's suit, Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum via The Ornamented Being

Court Costume, Louis XVI, cut velvet. Garnet color velvet decorated with small pellets and embroidered on the collar, the front, the back, under the pockets and along the Basque with flowers and foliage. Trimmed with sequins of silver and gold and pellets and round shaped faceted glass, embroidered buttons, lining of white silk. Photo Thierry De Maigret

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Boy's suit

Boy's Suit (front and back), 1780 (made), England, Buff Linen. Comprising a coat, waistcoat and two pairs of breeches. Tony

Les Arts Décoratifs - Site officiel - Diaporama - Habit à la française, habit, gilet et culotte France, vers 1785-1790

Breeches front view of a man's silk velvet suit, c.1770, part of the costume collection at Ham House, Surrey.