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"Sleepover!" Ashton giggled as you walked through his front door. "Yay!" you mimicked in the same giggly voice he had just used. "So since its already 8:00 i was thinking we could watch movies and eat?" he suggested. "I was hopeing you would say that!" he then took your hand and lead you to the living room where there was a huge fort with pillows and blankets with Hanging lights surrounding the enterance. And on the coffee table in front of the couch was a plate of m&m's cookies, a huge bowl…

Me when I heard Michael's solo in Broke Home

"Sweetheart let me in." Ashton slowly knocked on the door. "N-no." i cried into my sweater sleeve. I sat on the cold tiled floor sobbing silently until the door knob turned. Ashton walked in and then bent down to my level. "It was negitive." i choked in between sobs. "Hey look at me," he whispered lifting my chin, " we'll try again. It'll work." he pulled me in close. "I dont think it will work. We've tried so much already." He picked me up and took me to the couch. He sat down and i rested…

5 Seconds Of Summer on

Just wanted to point out something really quick. So 5SOS can sit in a bed snuggling. And I know for sure they aren't gay. Why would this make any of the One Direction boys gay?

I love that spotted dress on my daughter

His gift to you.

"His gift to you."

Ashton was in the recording booth singing his short solo in the new album when you decided to play with his drum kit. You grabbed the first pair of sticks you saw and began hitting them on the drums and symbols. You were making up you own beats and singing random things to them when Michael walked up. "I wouldnt be on there if i were you. He dosent let anyone use those." "Im his girlfriend! And c'mon im not gunna break anything!" "Whatever sweetheart but dont come crying to me if you break…