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Дикая тварь из дикого леса - Еврейские обручальные коль jewish wedding ring

14th century gold Jewish wedding ring shaped like a hexagonal building – symbolising both the marital home and the Temple of Jerusalem – with gothic arches, gables and a pyramidal roof on which is inscribed mazel tov. via queen yetta rosenberg Discovered in Erfurt, Germany

Gold wedding ring, gold filigree house, inside is engraved with "Mazal Tov, Jacob and Ytla" inside the ring body has initials engraved. Probably Italian work of the 19th century. Jewish Rings

JAMM: The Jewish Art Museum of Minnesota: 14th Century Jewish Wedding Rings and Objects of Matrimony-- Marriage Casket, Ketubot, Mahzor images, Communal Wedding Rings, Treasure Troves from Plague Programs 1349-51, Synagogue Mikvah Architectual Fragments, Double Kiddush Cups

Jewish wedding ring western europe 16th-17th c. This work is courtesy of The Antique Jewelry University

Bague de mariage Juive, 1350. France / ring / jewel / 14th century

Jewish wedding ring

An inscription on the plate in Hebrew Mazal TOV which means good luck: Based on the book by Diana Scarisbrick, "Rings symbol of wealth and love" in Celiv I looked in a dictionary the word of the day Emboss "work bump on silverware" Dent is the elevation of the spine in Vault. which would explain these patterns bump appearing on many Jewish jewelry. But the roof is either the temple of Jerusalem, is the home that the couple Batira, according to the Talmudic formula "His home is his wife"

Jewish wedding ring, 19th century. The symbolism of clasped hands or a heart on a betrothal or wedding ring is a Western European tradition, but the clasping of an architectural structure is an iconographic feature characteristic of Jewish marriage rings.

Antique jewish wedding ring from Italy (17th century) Musée d'art et d'histoire du Judaïsme : Betsalel