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Sing-Song girls in training at a tea-house, China, 1930s. Ellen Thorbecke

Empress Wanrong of China with her brother, Runqi

Shanghai on the eve of liberation 1949

China. Street scene in the 1940's.

China. Street sewing vendors outside an upscale hat shop in the 1940's. Pictures are from the book entitled "Shanghai 1949 The End of an Era" by Sam Tata (September 30, 1911 – July 3, 2005)

Shanghai, China, 1930s. You can see the "coolies" carrying people in their rickshaws. Their lives were often worse than death. Very poor and treated like the dregs of society by the the other citizens.

Sweet, Chinese photograph with 5 boys (the ideal of a traditional Chinese family). Studio Photo, Shanghai, 1910s.

Young 'sing-song' girls of about 8 or 10 years old, in training at a teahouse to entertain men during dinnerparties with singing, dance and recitations, China (1931-1934) - Ellen Thorbecke