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I absouletly LOVE this book and the cover is amazing I'm almost finished but I keep crying u know thinking of Allegiant and all:,(

Hipster Katniss: Dauntless. (She's also Erudite and Abnegation... exactly the same as Tris.)

~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~

So Much Books to Read #girlillustration / Così tanti libri da leggere #illustrazioneragazza - Art by Magalie Foutrier

~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~

Reading books would only be boring if you lack imagination.

I love this book!! (and Insurgent!!) ...and Four! <3 Divergent - Veronica Roth

Theo James and Shailene Woodley

Divergent - Veronica Roth Dauntless! Rocks! Go Dauntless Faction!