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9 phrases que les profs ne veulent plus jamais entendre - Neonmag

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Courage 🙌🏼

•Hurt and pain happen to us all, without exception. No one is immune from these things. The decision we get to make is what role we'll play in our lives: Do we want to help write our stories or do we want to hand that power over to another person or people? We have the ability to choose courage over comfort and live into our own story•. 〰Mandy   These were some very encouraging words from a dear friend who writes daily devotionals, and I really loved it. Whether it's life itself, in…

Thank you @dr.majestic_md Some people wear they're heart on their sleeve but I wear mine around my neck! I have to admit... I'm a total nerd. So this necklace fits me perfectly. Only when I learned to read EKGs (electrocardiograms) did I realize how complex and amazing the heart is! Some fun facts about the heart: 1. The size is approximately your two hands clasped together 2. The heart beat sound is actually the valves opening and closing 3. Each minute the heart pumps about 1.5…

God - My father God l come to you today to ask why my pain hold me back. My past life hold me God l try to forget everything to live my life. I can't do that God l can't back my happiness, my time ,my trust in people God l am scared to meet people to have friend. You know my life God l am not bad person all my life l care for people more than myself. I trust one person in my life God l�through who love me but he broke my heart he playing in my life for 3 years he give me false promise l am…

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Why We Should All Start Talking About Mental Illness

Want to save lives? Start a conversation about mental health with your friends and family. #StrongerThanStigma

The worst pain is when your parents don't believe your truth but believe your lie. Why does it have to be this way. Why do u not believe me. I am telling the truth! It hurts when you think I am lying. Please. It hurts. I will know what's true. That's all that matters right? U would believe 4 people I absolutely hate then your own kid? Thanks mom and dad -Kyla

(Check out our full interview on my FB page) Soooooo excited to have original Shark Tank shark @RealKevinHarrington be a keynote speaker at the Ultimate Millionaire Summit! ( Kevin's been a great friend & partner for years. He gets approached all the time about investing opportunities and startup ideas... So if you're one of those folks in "capital raising" mode here's a 3-step process he's taught people all over the world (and in my community) for putting together a…