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Deak St. Kitchen & Kupola Lounge café by B3 Designers, Budapest – Hungary » Retail Design Blog

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Bar à rhum australien

Couleur cuir + petit détail qui donne tout le charme de ce banc

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BIBO, l'incroyable restaurant street art de Hong Kong

BIBO, l'incroyable restaurant street art de Hong Kong | Buzzly

J’Go Boucherie by nakide, Toulouse – France » Retail Design Blog

Rodolphe Parente Architecture Design • Architecture commerciale & retail design - Yeeels Paris

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My Tokyo trip

My Tokyo trip - French By Design

RESTAURANT YEEELS par Rodolphe Parente en collaboration avec Benjamin Liatoud. #Architecture #Architecturedinterieur #Design #Art #Restaurant

151E is a shop based in Fukuoka dedicated to Japan’s finest teas. The name is written in alpha-numeric characters, but is pronounced ichi-go ichi-e (一期一会), which is actually a Japanese phrase nearly impossible to translate for its multiple roots and interpretations. However, the term can be used to encourage one to cherish a once in a lifetime moment, or perhaps a cup of tea, in the tradition of tea ceremonies which are always of significance in Japanese culture.