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Learn more: In motion graphics you can always spot trends (call it copycats or being inspired, whatever you prefer). After the popular geometric & circle animations, since a year there are more and more animations turning up in which organic shapes transform in a liquid way. Shapes are smeared and splash back together, often at the moment of a peak in the action, moving in slight slow motion, with twists and ...

Motion Graphics Reel 2013

If your goal is to become a working motion graphics artist, this might be the most important tutorial you can watch. Fancy techniques and tricks are great, but knowing how to use animation curves is such an important skill that it should be mandatory.

Le nouveau logo de Google n'est pas qu'une affaire d'esthétique

Le nouveau logo de Google n'est pas qu'une affaire d'esthétique |

Dyson Dog by Robin Davey. A short animation commissioned by Dyson, for the launch of a new product that deals with pet hair. Produced in Flash and AE over about a month of evenings and weekends.


Inspiring and dazzling motion graphics

Mun2 Pop!. Made at - ROLE: Lead Design, 2D Design - CREDITS: Art & Animation Director: Pablo Gostanian Production Direction: Agus...

Meet Fox! #TheDamKeeper an animated short film by Robert Kondo and Dice Tsutsumi making its premiere at the Berlin Film Festival - -

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