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There will always be people out there who will criticize you. Who will be jealous of you. Who will cut you down and try to make you feel small and not good enough. Well guess what? Nobody else gets to define who you are. NOBODY. That is your job. And yours alone. Don't give these assholes so much power. You get to choose who you listen to. And you get to choose to feel good enough. To feel amazing. To love yourself and to stand up for yourself and to be unapologetically who you are! That is…

L'ÉLOI | Production - Talent - Image | Set Design | OLIVER STENBERG | PORTFOLIO 1

Photo-sculpture : Brno Del Zou

© Klaus Mitteldorf!


We Are Nature – Multiple Exposure Portraits | Christoffer Relander

L'Agence nationale de sécurité du médicament et des produits de santé est au coeur du dispositif de prévention de la rupture d'approvisionnement en médicament. | Droit