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Andrés Jaque - Office for Political Innovation · PHANTOM. Mies as Rendered Society · Divisare

Revêtement décoratif perforé pour façade (aspect moucharabieh) SEABREEZE ABIYA Mashrabiya

all subway art!

SET Architects : Album "Bff016"


Mid-Century Indoor Planters


Crow dancer, circa 1880. In the documentary Native Spirit and the Sun Dance Way (2007), Thomas Yellowtail, a Crow medicine man & Sun Dance chief for more than 30 years, explains the ancient Sun Dance ceremony, which is sacred to the Crow tribe. In the 1994 film Legends of the Fall, based on the 1979 novella of the same name by Jim Harrison, actor Gordon Tootoosis spoke Yellowtail's words to examine the preservation of a cultural and spiritual world before the coming of European settlers.

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Gallery of Reframe / Alexandru Fleșeriu + Péter Eszter - 1

Image 1 of 16 from gallery of Reframe / Alexandru Fleșeriu + Péter Eszter. Photograph by Alexandru Fleșeriu