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Kunsthistorisches Museum - Egyptian Mummy Coffin in Vienna Austria

Egyptian smiling mummy mask. Late Dynastic Period. '13 h x 15 w x 10 d inches. Very finely styled exempt with detailed designs in gold leaf and gesso on embossed linen. From Edgar L. Owen Galleries

Egyptian mummy mask cartonnage. Late Ptolemaic Period - Early Roman Period.

An Egyptian Polychrome Cartonnage Mummy Mask, Late Ptolemaic Period, circa 100-30 B.C.

Portrait of Fayoum, ad 115. Encaustic. Roman Egypt.

Wooden Anubis statue found at Ain el-Lebekha, Darb el-Arbaein, trade route, Anubis is the watcher of the road, Egypt; Archaeologist; Salima ...

An Egyptian mummy mask 1st century A.D, old Kingdom Roman period

Mummy case of Maatkare, daughter of the ruling High priest of Akin, Pinudjem I. She was named after the female Pharoah, Hatshepsut.

Fayum funeral portrait. jewelry

Tomb Raider: #Tomb #Raider ~ A coffinette that held Tutankhamun's mummified liver. Seen at the Cairo Museum in 1984.